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Part 1 : UI flow for a Online Meeting Service
June 18, 2009

What is so special about Online Meetings, aka, Desktop Sharing via web?
Web based Online Meeting is a buzzword today. Why? it saves a lot of money and time. And it helps to deliver effective customer support, product support, product walk-throughs, product demos effectively and instantly. Here is a no-nonsense UI flow which is simple and intuitive to schedule an online meeting quickly between the Presenter and the Participant.

A sample scenario
To explain in layman's terms imagine this scenario. John is a support engineer and works for a software company. Kathy is their customer and one day, she finds some issues with the software. She sends an email explaining the problem and John attends it. John finds it is a simple problem that arise out improper settings in their software. So he decides to instruct & demonstrate Kathy via Online Meeting / Desktop Sharing. Technically, it is accessing another computer via web. The difference is - John can actually control Kathy's mouse, Keyboard. Though he cannot move kathy's mouse physically, he can do so - on the screen.

To do so, John uses an online meeting software or web service. He sets up an meeting session and sends an invitation email to kathy. That email contains a link or password using which Kathy can join the session.

Textual Capture of the flow
  1. John opens the meeting app.
  2. John creates a meeting session and he (Conductor) enters Kathy's (Participant) name and Email ID.
  3. The system sends an Email to Kathy along with a URL and Key to participate in the meeting.
  4. Kathy receives the email, and clicks the URL.
  5. The URL opens the Instant Meeting page.
  6. A smart Javascript searches for necessary plugins. Every Online Meeting requires a small software to be installed in the client Machine. This software will enable the desktop sharing so that the Participant's (Kathy) desktop is viewed in the Conductor's (John) monitor.
  7. If the plugin is found, the browser will automatically start sharing the desktop to John.
  8. If not, the page will instruct Kathy to download a small plugin in order to start the Online Meeting. Once the plugin is installed, the meeting will be initiated.
The flow diagram is shown below:
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